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Atomic Habits and Herbal Tea Health Benefits

Posted on January 25 2021

January 2021 | Vol 3

Herbal tea health benefits have been discussed so often and with good reason. Numerous posts and videos continue to point out their many benefits.

So, what does James Clear’s bestselling book "Atomic Habits" have to do with herbal teas and wellness?

Well I just finished reading this awesome book and realized that when the New Year rolls in, we always resolve to do better. Promising ourselves to eat better, exercise more often, and take better care of ourselves.

Then, as the weeks roll by, we forget our goals, or it gets overwhelming and we fall off the New Year, New Me wagon.

Some things are can easily be incorporated into our daily lives, can quickly make a difference to our health.

And that’s where our habits come in.

Tackling lifestyle habits

James Clear talks about making small changes in our daily habits that can help you get rid of bad habits even as we create new ones.

These tiny changes may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but their results over time are simply remarkable.

Take your health, for example.

If, you decide that you want to eat healthier, instead of jumping right into the latest fad diet; begin to incorporate small habitual changes that you don’t even notice.

Here’s a quick example:

When you’re clearing the kitchen for the night, instead of setting up the coffee for the following day, take out your favorite Zen tea blend in prep for the morning.

Then, when you get up, simply fix a nice cup of aromatic tea because it’s there … ready and waiting for you.

Or having lunch? Instead of juice or sodas, substitute it with a cup of tea that’s immediately adding health benefits to your diet.

Substitute With Herbal Teas

Now, we all know that herbal teas have numerous health benefits. The world has been drinking herbal teas for centuries, and various scientific research continues to find more health benefits of herbal teas.

In fact, depending on the blend, your tea can help you fight inflammation, give your immune system a boost, and even help to defend against certain diseases.

And if there’s ever a stressful time that could use some healthy teas it’s now. 2020 was a very stressful year for many of us. And 2021 is starting out kind of rocky as well.

Finding teas that can help you to relax and unwind is a much healthier way to handle stress than that glass of wine or spirits or bottle of beer. No one wants a beer belly!

So, when you’re finishing up for the day, brew a cup of herbal tea to help you relax and unwind.

Or, if you’re suffering from indigestion, stiffness, and pain, start the day off with an aromatic cup of wellness-infused teas such as the Tea Rx Herbal Tea blend from our Zen Collection.

Kickstart your wellness goals

Incorporating teas into your diet can have a resounding impact on your health.

Choosing to add herbal teas for their numerous health benefits is an even greater step to a new you for the new year.

And you can start your new you by making space for small healthy habits, like adding teas to your mealtime prep, swapping out sugary or caffeinated drinks for with herbal tea, it's also great for those that don't want to drink "plain" water.

So, let’s continue the year on a wellness journey that could change our lives for the better. The tea blends you select and choose to add to your pantry arsenal are a perfect starting point to improve your overall health and wellness.

Let’s build those atomic habits for life and let me know how you feel once drinking herbal teas becomes a habit for life.



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