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Sweeten Your Tea With Fruit

Posted on April 15 2021

 APRIL 2021 | VOL 6 

   Tea is one of the most refreshing beverages that you can drink all year round. Whether you drink it hot or cold, there are countless varieties of tea to choose from. Caffeinated or caffeine free, bold, sweet, bitter, relaxing, rejuvenating, and the list goes on. When choosing your tea make sure that you choose a sweetener that is just as natural, namely - fruit. Yes, fruit! Fruit is naturally sweet and ranges is intensity. They hold less calories and potential health issues than chemically processed sweeteners such as white granulated sugar, sweet ‘n low, equal, or any other artificial sweeteners. Now we love the faux flavors in moderation or on the go but having fresh fruit to complement the taste of our fresh loose leaf tea blends is what will truly take a cup of Hummingbird Blend’s  to the next level.

Here are a few suggestions paired with a few of our favorite tea blends.

Navel Oranges for Citrus Ice Herbal Tea
   If you are a fan of oranges then you’ll be a huge fan of these popular Florida oranges that will definitely add more citrus and sweetness to this tea blend. This tea is a great addition to your healthy living goals due to the many antioxidants and immune system building ingredients. This loose leaf tea blend is filled with dried oranges and other fruit but the addition of freshly squeezed juice from navel oranges will bring this tea to pure perfection. Serve it either hot on a cool spring night or iced during a hot day of summer. Whichever way you choose, just be sure you add a few slices of navel oranges in your cup. Mmmm, refreshing!

Dried Cranberries to Smoothing Pomegranate Tea
   There is just something about dried cranberries that really brings a soothing yet sweet and delicious flavor to anything it is added to. Pomegranate is already a fruit that is equal parts bitter and sweet so adding dried cranberry to it will really take it up a notch. Because all of the sweet and tartness is in the middle of the dried cranberry, we suggest cutting each piece into halves then mixing it into your tea. The sweetness will absorb into the other great ingredients of apple, ginger, rosehip, and orange. You’ve really got to try this. It’ll really transform it into a natural sweet, fruity tea. Oh, and the cranberry will also add fiber to your diet.

Apricot in Apple Cider Herbal Tea
   Who says that you can only have apple cider in fall? Not us! We say drink it all year round and add a few slices of apricot to it. Apricots have a bit of mild spicy yet sweet taste so it will definitely bring a balance to apple flavor. Like dried cranberries, it will also be sweeter if it is dry but apricot is sweet regardless. Using fresh or dried apricot in this blend will bring a soothing kick to this tea and will add a smooth finish. It will also add more fiber and will provide you with  a shot of potassium like a banana would. So if you do not like bananas but you're in need of potassium, add a few slices of this fruit to your tea and thank us later. 

   There are so many fruits that you can add to your tea to sweeten it naturally. Consider coconut flakes, passionfruit, and strawberries. artificial sweeteners are convenient but fruit + tea = healthy, sweetened goodness in a cup. 

   Whether it is served to you hot or cold, it is the perfect all-natural drink that comes from mother nature herself. So, take advantage of all that she has to offer!



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