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Covid 19 Protocol

COVID 19 has affected everyone and everything in our lives. There's no way around it; we have a new way of life now. We hope that you all are remaining safe and healthy and that your families are as well. You can rest assure that we are staying on top of the CDC guidelines for COVID 19 safety and that we are taking every precaution to avoid exposure and or contamination. 

Here's what we're doing to protect you and your orders:

  • Surfaces. We are cleaning with a bleach and water solution and have increased the frequency of wiping down every surface, package, etc. that is in and or enters into our office 
  • Hands. As a general policy and practice, we believe in proper handwashing before and after touching ingredients, materials, inventory items, packing supplies, etc. We are continuing this practice along with added alcohol based hand sanitizer use in between soap and water hand washing.
  • Masked up. We are continuing to wear masks and gloves while handling ingredients and products.
hummingbird blends cleaning supply notice

General Safety Measures

1. Our studio is climate controlled and well ventilated to ensure ingredients and products stay fresh. 
2. All consumable and or perishable ingredients and products are stored in air-tight sealed containers.
3. There are no pets allowed in the studio and we use a high efficiency ion purifier to reduce the possibility of allergens being introduced into our products.
4. The studio is thoroughly cleaned before, during, and after use.
5. No one that is "under weather" is allowed into the studio.

Product Packaging

1. Our teas are packaged in food safe zip lock bags that are heal sealed to retain freshness. To open simply tear open along the top tab at indents. Press the zip lock closed when finished to ensure continued freshness of tea blend.
2. Our soap bars are shrink wrapped in plastic. To remove, simply pull back the label and pull apart plastic wrap. Our soap bars are high in humectants and glycerin, please expect the soap bar to "sweat" with prolong exposure to air. This is normal and to be expected. Does not affect the product.
3. Our hand sanitizers and face toners are shrink wrapped to avoid spillage in shipping. To remove simply tear at perforation.
4. Our lip balms are made in tin containers. These containers may be washed and reused if desired.

Have questions, comments, or concerns? Please feel free to contact us using the form here or through our chat feature.

Partake in wellness, Bathe in wholesomeness, and Relish in Handcrafted goodness!
We hope that you and your family continue to stay well & healthy.

Sips, Sudz, and Hugs,
Hummingbird Blends

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