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Hummingbird Blends

Fireside Herbal Tea


A spicy and smoky, autumn-inspired blend of fruits, spices, and herbs to help oral health and digestive issues. Created with apple pieces, green teas, peppercorn, and peppermint, your body will finally feel relieved with each sip as your throat will feel cleansed and refreshed. This tea packs a strong fiery punch with its intense smoke-infused flavor.  Are you ready for it?

● Relieves abdominal pain and reduces bloating
● Antibacterial properties that help kill germs that cause dental plaque

Honeybush and Green Teas, Apple Pieces, Aniseed, Cocoa Nibs, Rose Hips, Orange,
Peppercorn, Safflower, Peppermint, and a proprietary blend of spices

*Low caffeine.

*Recommended to steep at 212° for 5 minutes

*Suggested 1 teaspoon full per 6 - 8 oz cup

Two (2) sizes available: 

  • 4 oz (full size) - Will yield approx 30 - 40 cups
  • 1 oz (sample size) - Will yield approx 4 - 8 cups