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Tea Rx Herbal Tea

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Tea Rx is your daily dose of wellness in a cup. The perfect blend of lemongrass, ginger, and turmeric to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape. This soul calming, body soothing tea is accentuated by an aromatic blend of apples, oranges mangos, and hibiscus; it will stimulate your senses while reducing, relieving, and easing most of your gastro and heart issues.

● Lowers blood pressure
● Relieves indigestion, Nausea (including morning sickness)

        ● May ease muscle pain and soreness
        ● Relieves indigestion
        ● Reduces menstrual pain, nausea, and morning sickness
        ● Lowers cholesterol
        ● Full of antioxidants
        ● Natural anti-inflammatory properties
        ● May relieve pain and stiff from arthritis

Fever Grass/Lemongrass, Black Tea, Dried Orange, Apple, Ginger, Marigold, Hibiscus and Mango pieces, Lemon Balm, Turmeric, Rose Hip, and a proprietary blend of spices


 *Recommended to steep at 212° for 5 - 10 minutes

*Suggested 1 teaspoon full per 6 - 8 oz cup

Two (2) sizes available: 

  • 4 oz (full size) - Will yield approx 30 - 40 cups
  • 1 oz (sample size) - Will yield approx 4 - 8 cups